Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rubicon?

Rubicon is committed to fighting all known pathogens to help stop disease globally.

We offer offensive and defensive products .From the most most advanced Far UV Technology,

That destroys all known pathogens in as little as .2 seconds to the finest American made Masks/PPE

What is Special About Rubicon Products

Our products are cutting edge Far-UV technology. For instance , Our Far UV Technology completely annihilates ,

Not merely deactivates , all known pathogens 1000 times faster and more effectively than old currently used UVC technology at a cheaper cost with zero impact on the environment.

And its safe in occupied spaces in real time;

Zero harm to human tissue! Thats the difference !

What is Far-UV Sterilray?

Far-UV Sterilray is safe and effective technology for indoor public spaces where people gather—from hospitals, schools, airports, and public transportation to all forms of entertainment venues—that can effectively reduce pathogens.

  • 99.99% Kill rate in air and on Surfaces 
  • Upto 1000 times more effective than UVC on Surfaces 
  • Upto 10000 times more effective than UVC on Airborne Particles 
  • Over 40 Third party clinical studies validate its ability to destroy pathogens
  • Lamps are not affected by heat or humidity 
  • Lamps life is warranted for 30000 Hours